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Sitmonchai Muay Thai Gym 

Pornsaneh SitmonchaiSitmonchai fighters are celebrated for their aggressive style and high knock out rates. Rather than play the points game, many of our fighters use the so-called "Sitmonchai style" of bone crushing low kicks and heavy hands to knock out their opponents. We also have a group of highly skilled nak muay fimeu who use the devastating power of the gym's signature style together with remarkable technical prowess. 

For almost 20 years, Sitmonchai has been home to the legendary brawler Pornsanae Sitmonchai, who won 9 championship titles in his career and was highly celebrated for his enormous heart and nak suu (warrior) spirit. In February 2015 he won the Omnoi featherweight title for the 2nd year running and retired from fighting. He's now learning the ropes as a teacher in Singapore, but will be back at Sitmonchai later in the year.

Another fan favourite, Thepnimit Sitmonchai has lived and fought for Sitmonchai since he was just 12 years old. Through the years he's earned a reputation as a knockout artist and earned the nickname "Mr Knock". His KOs are usually achieved by crippling leg kicks or powerful punches, including a particularly brutal uppercut. 

At just 16 years old Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai bought the Sitmonchai name to prominence in 2011-12, achieving wins over some of the most talented yod muay of the time. He soared through the stadium ranks and became one of the top ten fighters in his weight class. At the end of 2013 he was signed to Glory World Series and won his first match in April 2014, losing his 2nd match in June. 

Other fighters at the gym include Petch, Ploy, Montien, Tak, Dton, Petchdam, Jimme, Pon  and Erawan Sitmonchai. They are similarly rising through the ranks of muay Thai, maintaining the gym's reputation for excellence.

The success of our fighters can be fully attributed to our extraordinary trainers, starting with Kru Dam, who has been here since the gym opened over 30 years ago. Each of our trainers are known for their individual strengths including the power and intensity of Kru Juab, the playful slickness of former Lumpini Champion Kongfah, the technical astuteness of Kru San.
All Sitmonchai fighters are recognized for having a particular fighting style and the training here reflects this quality.
The camp is located 95 km outside of Bangkok in beautiful Kanchanaburi province. Thamaka is a small town with a market, Tesco Lotus and various 7-11s. We arrange outings for our visitors to some of the more scenic areas and also visit temples, mosques and other local points of interests.
There are minivans leaving at regular 15-30 minute intervals from Anusavari (Victory Monument) and coaches from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. Private pickups are also available from the airport for 2000 THB and 1500 THB from central Bangkok.

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